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"The Toronto East Masonic Centre,
while facilitating the goals of Freemasonry in the GTA, shall
benefit the whole fraternity and community at large."





























Toronto East Masonic Centre

The Board of ProjectCo (2316543 Ontario Limited) is very pleased to announce we have sold the property at 2180 Lawrence Avenue East, Effective February 16th 2016.

The proceeds of that sale have been invested into a new Limited Partnership which will be charged with the task of developing the lands on behalf of the investors and ourselves.

The outcomes of this Limited Partnership Agreement for the Masons of Toronto East District are:

1. 25% ownership of the Limited Partnership

2. The building of a new Masonic Temple of between 15,000 and 20,000 square feet, comprising two large Lodge Rooms designed to also accommodate the Concordant Bodies.

Note, the final size depends on City of Toronto approval of the total square feet for the development. For comparison purposes, it is our understanding that York Temple is roughly 11,000 sq ft)

4. The Board of the Limited Partnership will have representatives from the Masons of Toronto East District (appointed by the TEMC).

6. The time frame for completion is expected to be 30 – 36 months from the date of city approvals.

This journey has not been easy for either the Directors of ProjectCo or the Brethren of Toronto East District. It has been six long years since the Scarborough Temple was sold. We thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Please check back often for progress reports.

The ProjectCo Board of Directors are:

Gerry Campbell (Chair) Jim McKinnon (President) Neil Friedman, (Treasurer), Michael Morris (Secretary), and Joe Lefevre and Bob Steenson.

Our email address is ProjectCo@outlook.com

- Gerry Campbell @ projectco@outlook.com or 416.606.1373


Our new home, 2180 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough, ON:

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