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Key Contacts

Lodge Resources Committee Chairman
R.W. Bro. David Dainard

Friend to Friend-Mentor Team Leader
R.W. Bro. John Hay jhay@nexicom.net

Brother 2 Brother Team Leader
V.W. Bro. Iain Wates idwates@sympatico.ca

Officer Progression Team Leader
V.W. Bro. Bill Brimer wbrimer@cogeco.ca

Protocol & Etiquette Team Leader
V.W. Bro. Gord Crutcher gordon@crutcher.ca



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Lodge Resources Program Review
presented by the
Grand Lodge Lodge Resources Committee

The Lodge Resources Program Review newsletter is produced bi-monthly by the Grand Lodge Lodge Resources Committee. The newsletter combines the very best in Masonic thought leadership from the following Grand Lodge programs:

Friend to Friend - “The West Gate”
Mentor - “The First Steps”
Brother 2 Brother - “B2B FaciliFacts”
Officer Progression - “Moving Forward”
Protocol & Etiquette - “P&E Essentials”

Refeshing insights on making your lodge more success are presented in an easy to read format . Download a copy, enjoy the excellent content over a cup of coffee and put something new to work in your lodge and see the benefits!

July 2009 Membership retention "How-to" guide and the introduction of the Lodge greeters program
May 2009 Lodge Resources Program Review - Inaugural Issue
April 2009 Taking the next Progressive Step
Jan 2009

Top 10 Masonic Resolutions, and
Improving Lodge Nigh

Dec 2008
Tips for leading discussions effectively
Nov 2008
Just Been Appointed Your Lodge’s B2B Chairman ? Now What ? PART II
Oct 2008
Just Been Appointed Your Lodge’s B2B Chairman ? Now What ? PART I
Sep 2008
A New Year Begins
Jul 2008
Section 7.2 - Overview of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario
Jun 2008
You Are Now Worshipful Master ! (Are you watching Wardens?)
May 2008
Section 7.11 Teamwork Between the Three Principal Officers of the Lodge
Apr 2008
Section 5.8 Planning & Preparing A Successful Installation Ceremony (For the Installing Master)
Mar 2008
Section 5.5 Successful Planning For The Masonic Year
Feb 2008
Section 5.4.5 Lodge Management: Coping With Change - Invent OPTIONS for Mutual Gain
Jan 2008
Section 5.4.2 Lodge Management: Coping With Change - Converting Conflict into Consensus


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