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R.W. Bro.Malcolm J. Parrish
10-2960 Headon Forest Dr.
Burlington, ON L7M 4G5



W. Bro. William (Bill) Willis
960 Westney Rd. Soth, Apt. 221
Ajaz, ON L1S 7L1
705.252.3244 (Home)
416.420.0291 (Cell)


DDGM 2018

R.W. Bro. Malcolm John Parish
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District

June 2019 Message


I am indeed proud of my District as we come to the end of a very meaningful and enjoyable year for myself and a well travelled District Secretary. We started the year with a couple of financial problems which were addressed very quickly by the diligent work of the Past Masters and our District Secretary. My plans to organize a secretaries association proved fruitful and an Awards/Service night has been arranged for Thursday, June 26th at York Temple. Work has also begun on a common computer program to assist all the secretaries of the District. My call to hold a District Friend to Friend night was answered by our F2F District Chair and a very successful F2F day was held at Chisholm Temple with over 80 persons in attendance.

I found the ritual work in most Lodges to be above average. Lodges which were revisited last year had put an extra effort into becoming better at ritual work, gratitude to my predecessor.

Attendance at social events was down this year, but the Lodges who traditionally hold social events did manage to create enjoyable evenings. It is well known that my edict is Family, Work and then Masonry, so I am pleased to report of a very successfully run “Family Evening” Gala.

No Lodge went dark in my year, but our Lodges do need to look at the work they are doing to stay open. Some Lodges are just bleeding money, and although they have enough now, they won’t in quite a short amount of time. Some Lodges have lots of money and yet have not had an applicant for some time. Those Lodges need to look at the Lodges who have used F2F programmes, whether Grand Lodges or their Lodges version to increase membership.

It has been an Honour to represent the Grand Master and the respect shown to both myself and the District Secretary is heart warming. I have been told by Past DDGM’s that my work has just started, looking forward to pressing forward with the latter.

Please remember that the formation of Grand Lodge is put in place by you, it’s your Grand Lodge. Attempt to attend the Grand Convocation at the Royal York in July and place an educated vote. Attend the “meet and greet” evenings and ask questions of those perusing an office.

Thank you to all the Brethren who have made this year the most worthwhile Masonic year of my life.

God Bless


R. W. Bro. Malcolm John Parish,
DDGM, Toronto East Distict. 2018~2019

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