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R.W. Bro.Malcolm J. Parrish
10-2960 Headon Forest Dr.
Burlington, ON L7M 4G5



W. Bro. William (Bill) Willis
960 Westney Rd. Soth, Apt. 221
Ajaz, ON L1S 7L1
705.252.3244 (Home)
416.420.0291 (Cell)


DDGM 2018

R.W. Bro. Malcolm John Parish
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District


February 2019 Message

I sincerely hope you all have managed to keep warm and have not had too much snow to shovel. This inclement weather really hinders a brother’s ability to visit a Lodge. I have noticed recently that too much pressure is being applied to young brethren with families to visit a lodge, most of the pressure coming from Past Masters. The Past Master are correct to encourage visitation and I will explain my views.


You may have notice that I end my monthly communiqués with a wish that the brethren place their family first, then work then Masonry. Times have changed and most wives and mothers have to work, meaning most husbands have to be part of the family upkeep and child care, leaving little time for Masonry. That’s a fact of life!!! Applying pressure to young family men to visit is unfair and harmful to our craft. Yes, we need visitation to keep Masonry alive, but the encouragement to travel must come from the Lodge, and be directed at the Lodge, not individuals.


May I put to you that a Lodge should not be known as a Lodge that does not travel, something I hear all the time to explain low attendance. Let me suggest that if a Lodge Warden cannot make an Official Visit, Installation or fraternal visit he should ask his one of his Deacons to represent him and the Lodge in the Wardens group. If the Deacons cannot make the meeting then, a Steward should be asked to stand in, or any other Lodge member. A lodge should be cognisant of who has agreed to attend other Lodges and it should be discussed at regular meetings. I would love to see the Masters and visitor in the west and the wardens groups represented in the north and south at Official Visits, my dream, but it was not too long ago it was just so.


I am delighted to inform you that the new secretaries association in Toronto East District, set up by our District Secretary is working extremely well and moving forward on several fronts. Thank you W Bro Bill Willis and attendees.


Looking forward to seeing all soon on my travels and may you enjoy Family Day and treat your partners to a wonderful Valentines.



R. W. Bro. Malcolm John Parish,
DDGM, Toronto East Distict.

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