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R.W. Bro. Ross E. McOuat
44 Croxall Blvd.
Whitby, ON L1M 2E4



W. Bro. Mark Ingram
20 White Elm Road
Barrie, ON L4N 8S9
705.252.3244 (Home)
416.420.0291 (Cell)


R.W.Bro. Ross E. McOuat

District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District

February is shaping up to be a busy one for Toronto East District. We have
several Official Visits as well as a few social evenings. Brethren remember that you only get out of Masonry what you put in. If you don't participate in Lodge events (both inside the Lodge room and out) then are you not only getting half of Masonry?

I had the pleasure and honour of attending the formation of the new Junior
Wardens' group. They have chosen the name - The Levellers 2018-2019. They also working on the design for their pin and have already started a chat group to get the conversation going. If you are a Junior Warden and were not at the meeting please reach out to the group Secretary (Ritch Murray from Alpha-Tucson No.384). Their enthusiasm for the future was quite inspiring. Worshipful Masters and Senior Wardens I encourage you to continue to support these Brethren.

At my Official Visit to The Imperial Eastgate I talked about a group of
Master Masons who belong to a few Lodges in another district that decided to create their chat group and then go out and visit every time there was an Initiation. They would then add the new Mason to their group so he would know when he could go and see an Initiation. Well a group of The Imperial Eastgate members have started their own chat group for when they are travelling. What a way to continue the Fraternity that we practice inside the Lodge room outside of it. Well done guys and I look forward to seeing you out and about!! Let me know if your Lodge is doing something to encourage Fraternity outside of Lodge. If you have an idea or action that is working for you and your Lodge I encourage you to share it. Something may not work for all Lodges but let's share our ideas and plans.

This past weekend I attended the "Saturday morning class". This particular one veered from the usual. We were lead through the Masonic Memorial Service. There were some excellent questions and discussions. We also had the pleasure of having in attendance R. W. Bro. Gordon Crutcher - Team lead Protocol and Etiquette. So having R. W. Bro. Crutcher right there to answer (and pose) questions was wonderful. We followed up afterwards with a Masonic Memorial Service for V. W. Bro. Les Armitage. So my Brethren all things being what they are most of us will attend a Masonic Memorial Service. Is your Lodge prepared? Do you even know if your Lodge is prepared? Have you practiced it? Might I suggest that you take an evening and do this. Remember these Services are our opportunity to show the public how much we appreciated the time our departed Brother spent with us and not his family. So don't they deserve not only a good turnout but a well-organized and respectful Masonic Memorial Service?

In closing out this message to you this month, I would like to encourage
everyone that while you are memorizing the Work use a prompter. I am as
guilty as most in not doing this. Try it. While practicing, ask your
prompter to correct you each time you get a word wrong. Don't wait until
after you have done your piece of Work in Lodge because by then it is too

May the Great Architect of the Universe continue to watch over you and

R. W. Bro. Ross E. McOuat
District Deputy Grand Master - Toronto East District

R. W. Bro. Ross E. McOuat
District Deputy Grand Master
Toronto East District
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